Caution: This website is intended for adult audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

This website is a collection of my art and stories using the medium of 1.0 web. The customizability and focus on content are the main appeal. It's nice and quiet here.

Goals for 2024

  • Finish 30 pages for Fasciation Hall
  • Finish at least one of the stories in the Narratives section
  • Make 50 original pieces
  • Finish a 30 second animation

  • All of the art on this website is my own. The Museum is full of original work. The Narratives are longform stories that I want to finish writing. Right now, I'm preparing the first few episodes of Tender and Bloodshot, so please check back for updates. I have no intention of abandoning Fasciation Hall.

    This website is not mobile friendly, and is compatible with both Firefox and Chrome.